What is the Average Commute Time in the Bay Area?


Most of us have experienced the dreaded feeling of sitting in traffic and wondering how long it takes to go home from work. On a daily basis, I notice that in the morning, going southbound from San Francisco is congested and this pattern is reversed in the evening after work. This triggered the following question: which city has the shortest and longest commute in the Bay Area? Why does one side have worse traffic than the other? Here is a map that shows the average commute time by area of residence. East Bay and San Francisco residents experience the longest commute (~31 minutes). This could be attributed to how most companies are located on the peninsula, so naturally people across the bay would have longer commute times. Furthermore, there are much larger tech companies (Google, Apple, and Facebook) in the South Bay. Next time, if you are making dinner arrangements on a weekday, do consider the flow of traffic and plan accordingly.

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