The Big Winners of Mobile Apps


During Christmas, I was traveling and noticed that numerous people, from young to old, were addicted to mobile games, ranging from casual to educational. This prompted me to wonder what types of apps have the highest revenue and popularity. I pulled 2015 U.S. data from App Annie that includes app installs and revenue. Gaming apps dominated the top grossing charts while social apps led the free chart with the most installs. Another interesting difference is that in the top free chart, the installs were evenly distributed. In the top grossing charts, gaming apps have a lion share of the overall pie. There is even a stark difference in revenue between number 1 and 2. For example, Clash of Clans ranked first and made $507M compared to Game of War which earned $389M. It is astounding how much money these games pull in considering only a small percentage of users pay. This might explain why a lot of people want to make apps and get a share of this app gold rush.

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