Instagram studied the rising popularity of emojis and claimed that they are becoming a common form of expression. 50% of posts from Western countries now contain the use of emojis.
Communication has evolved over time and the trend is that words are becoming minimalistic. People’s attention spans are shortening. In the early days of Internet, people wrote emails. Shortly after, texting arrived. Furthermore, Twitter allowed a maximum of 140 characters per tweet. And now, more than half of the text on Instagram contains emojis.

This is not surprising given how Instagram is so visually focused. The selection of users can partially explain the trend. People who like to visually express themselves choose to use Instagram in the first place. Emojis allow users to take that a step further.

I am curious of the uses of emojis in texting and messaging apps (WhatsApp and LINE). Since the nature of those apps are not as visually focused, would those users still utilize emojis as frequently as those who use Instagram? Would we observe the same trends?

Instagram Emojis

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