A Beta Look: How Understanding the App Store Can Help Your App Grow


After my last blog post on the mobile app ecosystem, I received a lot of positive feedback and had some very interesting discussions. I decided to do a followup analysis that digs deeper into the install behavior of the Apple App Store. Using install data for the last year, I looked at trends for the top 5 apps by installs and analyzed how the data fluctuated over time. Installs spiked during Christmas and Valentine’s Day as smartphones and tablets are often gifted during those holidays. School seasons also had a large impact particularly to social apps as students are a big part of their demographic. Aside from seasonality, the App Store is also more active on the weekend than on weekdays, which is likely due to people spending more time on their phones and tablets. What this all means is that when developers plan launches or promotions, they need to be aware of the install behavior on the App Store. Different strategies can be used to either target hot periods where there are a lot of eyeballs or to target days where the competition is less fierce.

Download (PDF, 515KB)

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